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Cartridge Needles


Premium Luxury PMU Cartridge Needle, KWADRON OPTIMA & PLUS


Take care of your customers' beauty

Kwadron Optima Plus - Future is now!

Optima Plus is a needle of exceptional sharpness, giving a distinct pixel with an intensity that has not been achieved so far. It will also allow you to create amazing powder effects. It will work perfectly in any technique where ultra-precise work is required. Thanks to the innovative 6+1Technology which stabilises the needle, Optima Plus ensures increased control during pigmentation.


The biggest

innovation in PMU!

6+1 Technology is a solution that has not been used anywhere before. It is based on the reinforcement of the main pigment supplying needle with six stabilising needles. The use of six extra needles keeps the main needle in a fixed position, which prevents it from blunting and bending. This innovative solution guarantees more precise work, and the way the pigment is taken up ensures a spill-free pigmentation.

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Created with love & passion.

CARTRIDGE KWADRON PMU OPTIMA PLUS 1RL needle enriched with the unique 6 + 1 Technology which, allows for even more precise and stable operation with a greater pigment flow into the skin without the effect of spilling. Optima Plus is the latest product of the revolutionary series of Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges.

A perfectly finished line maintaining a distinctive detail
Less skin traumatization resulting in faster work and greater predictability of effects
Perfect for use with Glovcon Machines
More even saturation due to easy pixel building and gradation

Advantages of our technology :

Your creativity deserves more!

Thanks to the high stiffness of the needle and the increased flow of pigment into the skin, Optima Plus will provide you with the highest precision and even greater efficiency, which will allow you to work shorter. A 1 RL needle has never before provided such complete control during pigmentation.


Safety first

Kwadron Optima Plus cartridges have a safe housing made of medical plastic, which allows to reduce the friction between the needle and the housing and ensures a high work culture. The integrated needle-nose system guarantees the highest safety and hygiene standards. Each Kwadron PMU Optima cartridge is packed in sterile, disposable packaging.

6+1 Technology - unique needle stabilization

Thanks to the use of the 6 + 1 Technology system in Optima Plus, we obtained a greater stabilization of the needle during the pigmentation process. 6 stabilizing needles protect the guide needle against deformation, which allows for the creation of extremely precise lines and points. Work with the Optima Plus cartridge is clean and more effective.


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